mail order degrees in murderology and murderonomy

pining is my Weakness it is my Most Important Thing

im so………. how am i supposed to go on………….. i need to rewatch cap 1 just to, like, properly absorb, how could this happen to me, im so tired that i actually just feel pain in my heart like, he loves him, he always loved him, fuck my entire life hE LP M E

naomi is so hot, how did i not know, fuck all of you for keeping this a secret from me

literally who allowed sebastian stan to make bucky that gay for steve what director encouraged that what editor looked through that footage and was like “where are all the takes where bucky looks extra gay, those are the ones i want”



undeniable proof that i am in fact Shinji Ikari

reblog this„,spread the truth

Bucky looking at Steve

kind of nice to draw with real pencils again hm



slams the follow button on graces selfie blog so hard my wrist hurts

why do i have all these captain america emotions?? i do not want them, please remove them, i did not ask for this


The holy trinity.

i cant draw chris evans’ face. i cant do it. i want to kiss it but i literally cannot make it happen with lines in a drawing it doesnt make any sense its physically impossible

So how do you catch a fish that isn’t hungry?

Change your tactics. Use live bait that moves and excites them to action. You gotta make him bite even though he’s not hungry.


so as a lot of you know, i’m moving to chicago.  in basically two weeks.  this doesn’t give me much time to pack and get things ready AND work.  i am working, though, as much as i can before i leave.  my tax return should cover june and july living expenses.  while i’m in chicago, i will be looking for a job (desperately, lol) as well as transferring my credits from my school here to a school there.  

as always, i am taking commissions to help pay for expenses.  you will, however, find a donate button on my blog as well!  if you’re unable to pay commission money, any little bit helps!

thank you guys so much!  if you can’t donate or commission, signal boosting is always appreciate!

because of all the time it takes to move, commissions will take a little longer than usual to finish.  thank you for your understanding!